Fly with ease plan

Our fly with ease passengers’ welfare insurance scheme is an insurance package that provides a wide range of benefits to Air travelers, in the event of accidental disability or death whilst on board a local flight in Nigeria.

Product Feature

  • The Air Line is the policy holder whilst the passengers remains the lives assured respectively.
  • In event of a mishap, a comprehensive list of all passengers (passengers manifest) will be supplied to Prudential Zenith insurances within 48-hours of confirmation of accident.
  • Cover is provided throughout the entire period of flight from boarding to departure on 24 hour basis.
  • The sum assured ranged between 250,000 and 500,000.00.
  • Scheme is essentially non-medical.
  • Passengers traveling on a single ticket en routes a maximum of two destinations will be covered via a single premium payment.
  • The cover will not be extended to cover death or injuries while off the Airplane.
  • Administration of the scheme shall be done jointly by the Air line and Prudential Zenith Life Assurance Co. Ltd.
  • Premium is paid at the point of ticket purchase before actual boarding
  • The life insurance cover benefit will be written at the back of the ticket.


  • The scheme offers death benefit for both natural and accidental causes while on board.
  • 24 hours life assurance protection for passengers.
  • Rehabilitation of injured passenger in the event of accidental permanent disability.
  • Automatic participation on non-medical basis.
  • Cushion the effect of medical bills on affected passengers.
  • To relieve the Airline of financial commitments associated with Passenger’s death (e.g. compulsory payments, funeral expenses).
  • To create goodwill between the Airline and the passengers thereby promoting industrial harmony in the market.
  • To attract and retain good passengers.