Hospital Cash Plan

This is an insurance plan that pays out daily cash benefits during hospitalization of the policy holder. It is specifically aimed at people who wish to cushion the impact of unexpected medical expenses.

The cover can be extended to cover spouse and other direct family members.

Product Features

  • This policy pays daily cash benefits in the form of cash during hospitalization.
  • Cover commences three days after hospitalization.
  • Minimum Age at Entry is 20 years while Maximum age at entry is 65 years.
  • It has a maximum cover of 30 days per year.
  • Multiple claims can arise, however a waiting period will apply each time.


  • It is renewable annually; allowing the policyholder to switch between benefit options.
  • It is entered into on an individual basis, but can be extended to also provide cover for a spouse and other direct family members.
  • There are no surrender or lapse benefits under this policy.
  • No loan is available under this policy.
  • Premiums will be paid annually by the policyholder,


  • 24 hours life assurance protection for policyholder.
  • It is a source of emergency fund.
  • Cushion the effect of medical expenses on the policyholder.
  • To relieve the family of financial commitments associated critical illnesses.