My Family Protection Plan

My Family Protection Plan provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones by paying a lump sum on the death of the policyholder or any other family members you have chosen to protect.

Product Feature

  • In addition to the main policyholder the following people may also be covered on payment of an additional premium: Spouse (multiple spouses allowed), Siblings (aged over 18 years) and Parents and Parents-in-law (up to age 74)
  • This policy lasts for as long as the policyholder is alive.
  • The Premiums are based on the age of the people covered.
  • The premium is payable until death of policyholder or reaching age of 70.
  • Please ask for a premium quotation from one of our Financial Services Executives or Agents.
  • The Policyholder will be allowed to make monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual premium payments.
  • If the premium is not received before the premium due date, the policy will enter a grace period. The duration of this period will be 30 days. The policyholder's life cover will remain effective during this period.


  • If the premium is not received after the 30 days grace period, the policy will enter a reinstatement period. This period will last for an additional 6 months. During this period, there will be no life cover but it will be possible for the policyholder to pay a premium to restart the policy and the life coverage. Premiums missed during this period will not be clawed back. It will be possible to have a maximum of 3 reinstatement periods in the period prior to the start of the never lapse period.
  • The policy will lapse if no premium is received during the reinstatement period (7 missed payments) or the policy has entered into more than 3 reinstatement periods in the first 5 years. Once the policy has lapsed it will not be possible to accept premiums into this policy and the policyholder will have to take out a new policy if cover is required.
  • There will be a 6 month waiting period for non-accidental death at the start of the policy.


  • Maturity Benefit
    • The maturity benefit is the accumulated fund value paid at the end of the chosen term.
  • Death Benefit
    • The amount paid in the event of death is the sum assured plus the Premium Waiver.
  • Permanent Disability and Critical Illness
    • Your plan will pay out 50% of the sum assured in event of permanent disability or critical illness.
    • Alternatively, the premium waiver could be activated and premiums will be paid into the Fund by Prudential Zenith Life until the maturity date.
  • Premium Waiver
    • This benefit will pay the premiums into the Fund in the event of death or if selected for permanent disability and critical illness.
    • The amount of premium waiver paid e a c h m o n t h will be in the ratio of premiums paid to premiums due over the prior 12 month period times the regular monthly premium.