Road Transport Insurance Plan

Our Road transport Insurance Plan is a one year renewable life insurance plan designed to cover all occupants of approved road transport vehicles together with affected third parties against risk of injury and death resulting from accident.

The Road Transport Insurance Plan offers you protection, 365 days a year. You are covered as:

  • A passenger or driver of a car or small commercial vehicle, or
  • A passenger in a bus, taxi, or train,

You are also sure of compensation even if you are knocked down as a pedestrian or a cyclist – you’re covered.

Travel-related accidents can have a serious impact on your finances. If you were seriously injured and unable to work again, you may struggle to make ends meet.

Product Feature

  • It is a one year renewable life insurance plan.
  • All payments will be made out of the sum assured.
  • The RTIP provides reimbursement of hospitalization expenses up to a maximum limits of N200,000.00 in the event of the policyholder sustaining injuries from a road accident.
  • In the event of death, the next of kin will have the right to claim the insured benefit subject to a maximum of N650,000.00.
  • In case of permanent disablement/critical illness attributable to the accident, the insured is entitled to receive half the insured sum (N325, 000,000 maximum) as compensation.
  • The plan is arranged on individual and group basis, this can be arranged for associations, students on excursion and families (for spouse only) involve in frequent travels.


  • If you or spouse suffers a specified injury in a transport accident, we will cover the amount, depending on the injury and your chosen level of cover. Your injuries don't have to be catastrophic before you can claim.
  • Under group Policy, Road Transport Insurance Plan covers you and your spouse in the event of either of your contingencies.
  • Provision of critical illness cover resulting from complications arising from severe road traffic accident.